Anyone can 
save a life

Action in the first few minutes after a car crash can save a life – and anyone can do it. Take the 15 minute course now.

First aid saves lives

St John WA and the Road Safety Commission have partnered in a campaign to encourage every road user to spend 15 minutes learning how to save a life.

Early first aid intervention can reduce road deaths, especially when treating blocked airways.

The First Aid For Drivers course covers first aid skills specific to road emergencies, preparing you to respond to a car crash with crucial first aid.

road crashes each year occur on Western Australian roads.
of road crash deaths can be prevented by administering first aid.
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on average is all it takes for a blocked airway to become fatal.
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First Aid for Drivers

Your first aid skills can make a difference in a car crash. In just 15 minutes, learn skills to stay safe and respond to emergencies when driving.

15 mins online

Learn essential first aid skills to respond to emergencies on the road in 15 minutes.


Assess life-threatening conditions and deliver emergency first aid.

Skeletal injuries

Learn to identify and administer first aid for musculoskeletal injuries.


Understand the signs and symptoms of shock and how to manage them.

True story behind the campaign

Based on a true story

Nicole Tolhurst’s car flew into a brick wall after colliding with another vehicle. Nicole was unconscious and slumped over her steering wheel. Her face turned a shade of blue as Rod Baltovich ran to the crumpled car.

“I had to lift her head to clear her airway”

Luckily, Rod had recently completed first aid training. He immediately knew that he needed to lift the 24-year-old’s head to clear her airway if she was to have any chance of survival.

“I tilted her head back, opening her airway,” said Rod. “She moaned and made a noise, and I just thought, ‘Thank goodness for that’.”

First aid knowledge is important

Twenty-five fatalities on WA roads each year could be avoided by drivers with first aid knowledge. Action taken in the first four minutes after a crash can mean the difference between life and death. Nicole can share her story today because of Rod’s quick actions in providing first aid.

“What do you say to a person who saved your life?” Nicole said. “Thank you is not enough”.

Courses to suit 
your lifestyle

Knowing first aid means you can help someone feel better, heal quicker or care for them until an ambulance arrives. Explore our range of courses today.


First Aid for Drivers

The free 15 minute online course from St John WA helps drivers of all skill levels learn basic first aid that can make the difference between life and death.


Provide First Aid

This course teaches you the DRSABCD St John Action Plan, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in an emergency situation.

Become a First Responder

The St John WA First Responder app allows qualified first aiders to register to become Community First Responders. If a nearby (500 meters) medical emergency occurs, they are notified through the app and can assist until help arrives.

First aid kits

Get essential first aid equipment suited to your needs.


Patch 'N' Go

Product Code: #1559

Ideal for the backpack, handbag or school bag, the Patch ‘n’ Go First Aid Kit will keep you safe on the go. You’ll always be ready with bandages, dressings and swabs to treat minor injuries.


Motoring Kit

Product Code: #5797

Packed in a soft yet durable nylon pouch, this auto first aid kit conveniently fits under the front seat of your car or in the glovebox, so you can have it with you when out and about.


Off-road Kit

Product Code: #7027

This best selling kit is ideal for use when off the beaten track and medical help is some time away. Be prepared to treat minor scrapes through to major trauma and heavy bleeding.


Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are designed to be short and flexible. You can complete the course in 15 minutes or come back later and finish.
First Aid for Me is free.
Yes. We are continually updating and adding new courses.
First Aid for Me courses are not accredited. You can book an accredited course at St John WA – First Aid Training.
Yes you can do as many courses as you like.