First Aid for
Road Trips

Learn basic first aid for road trips. This course includes the St John DRSABCD Action Plan and some common first aid scenarios.

First aid is important for road trips

Your first aid skills could make a difference in an emergency. Learn vital skills to protect yourself in 15 minutes for free.

108 million

Australians drove to their destinations in 2022, making driving the most popular form of domestic travel.


of Australians aged 18 or over who have a driver’s licence have experienced a road accident.


cause of hospitalisation due to injury in Australia are falls, and over half resulted in a fracture.

Learn for free in 15 minutes

What you'll learn


DRSABCD Action Plan

Assess life-threatening conditions and deliver emergency first aid.

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Slips and Falls

Understand injuries that can result from slips and falls and how to treat them.

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Cuts and Scrapes

Learn how to identify and treat minor cuts and scrapes.