First Aid for
New Drivers

Formerly known as ‘Click to Save’, First Aid for New Drivers is designed to teach the skills new drivers need to navigate emergencies on the road.

Road safety starts with you

In 2022-23, St John WA responded to 6,078 motor vehicle accidents. That’s almost 1 in every 90 minutes.

Knowing first aid means that you could help save a life in the minutes that matter most.


of road accident fatalities can be prevented by administering first aid

1.3 million

fatalities a year occur globally as a result of car crashes


road crash deaths in Australia in 2022 alone, which is a 5.8% increase from 2021

6 times

more likely for drivers aged between 17-20 to be involved in a car crash

Passed your driving test?

If you have, you need to be prepared. Ensure you know how to deal with car crash emergencies effectively and efficiently.

First Aid for New Drivers

Included in the course

Your first aid skills could make a difference in an emergency. Learn vital skills to protect yourself in 15 minutes for free.


DRSABCD Action Plan

Assess life-threatening conditions and deliver emergency first aid.

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Learn to identify internal and external bleeding and administer first aid.

Shock Management (1)

Shock Management

Understand the signs and symptoms of shock and how to manage them.

Are you road ready?

Your License Is Your Life (YLYL) is a free resource hub designed by the Road Safety Commission to help prepare you to navigate the rules of the road with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are designed to be short and flexible. You can complete the course in 15 minutes or come back later and finish.

First Aid for Me is free.

Yes. We are continually updating and adding new courses.

First Aid for Me courses are not accredited. You can book an accredited course at St John WA – First Aid Training.

Yes you can do as many courses as you like.