First Aid for
the Beach

Stay safe this summer by learning basic first aid for the beach. This course covers the St John DRSABCD Action Plan and some common first aid scenarios you might encounter by the water.

First aid is important for the beach

Your first aid skills could make a difference in an emergency. Learn vital skills to protect yourself in 15 minutes for free.

11 minutes

is all it takes for sunburn to occur.


injury incurred by beach-goers are cuts and scrapes.


Australians die from skin cancer each year.

Learn for free in 15 minutes

What you'll learn


DRSABCD Action Plan

Assess life-threatening conditions and deliver emergency first aid.

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Cuts and Abrasions

Learn the difference between a cut and an abrasion and how to properly treat it.

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Understand the signs and symptoms of sunburn and how to manage it.