First Aid for Me

First aid makes a difference

Knowing first aid means you can help someone feel better, heal quicker or care for them until an ambulance arrives. It could even save a life!


of road deaths are preventable with first aid


children are hospitalised every year with injuries


of cardiac arrests occur at home or in a public area

First aid that suits you

Learn free basic first aid for your lifestyle, with personalised courses focusing on what’s essential for you.

Easy to

Courses that

suit your lifestyle

Life-saving skills
in 15 minutes

Become first aid ready

Start by learning the basics with First Aid for Me. Complete your journey by doing accredited first aid training with St John.


This is me

I need to know first aid so I can help in an emergency.

First Aider

Basic first aid

I’ve learned the basics with First Aid for Me. I now understand how to help.

Advanced First Aider

First aider

I’ve completed accredited first aid training and I’m ready to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are designed to be short and flexible. You can complete the course in 15 minutes or come back later and finish.

First Aid for Me is free.

Yes. We are continually updating and adding new courses.

First Aid for Me courses are not accredited. You can book an accredited course at St John WA – First Aid Training.

Yes you can do as many courses as you like.